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lank sleeve


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lank sleeve (plural lank sleeves)

  1. (obsolete) The empty sleeve of a one-armed man.
    You see that fellow over there with the lank sleeve?
    • 1759, Ephraim Tristram Bates, The liee [sic] and memoirs of Mr. Ephraim Tristram Bates:
      "...And you may guess what valiant Soldiers they are, when they have struck me here often who can't defend myself:" (For he had a lank Sleeve besides.)
    • 2000, Simon Edridge Dickie, In the mid-eighteenth century hilarity, pitilessness, narrative fiction:
      Anyone with a wooden leg was "timber-toe," while one who had lost an arm was waggishly known as a "lank sleeve."
    • 2011, Simon Dickie, Cruelty and Laughter, ISBN 0226146200, page 98:
      Mutilated soldiers dubbed each other “lank sleeve,” “Timbertoe,” “Stumpy,” or, almost fondly, “Stumpibus.”