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law school (plural law schools)

  1. An academic institution at which post-graduate students are prepared for the practice of law.
    • 1998, Shimon Shetreet, Women in Law, →ISBN, page 155:
      GFU has a law school called Gender-Friendly University Law School.
    • 2012, Laurie Selwyn, Public Law Librarianship, →ISBN, page 57:
      If the college or university has a law school or a paralegal program, there usually will not be a law library committee because law and para-legal faculty take on that role through committee meetings and their daily interactions with the library's staff.
    • 2013, Susan Wolf & Neil Stanley, Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law, →ISBN, page 594:
      You will find reports of legal cases in law reports which are to be found in most university libraries (provided the relevant university has a law school).