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le'a +‎ vlalebna +‎ valsi




  1. (obsolete, deprecated) fu'ivla [1]
    • 1990, The Logical Language Group, "The Level 0 Booklet", §4.0
      brivla are an open-ended set of words; new lujvo and le'avla may be created 'on the fly' as needed. The meaning of a word that is invented is at the discretion of the inventor, subject to conventions necessary to communications. Eventually, invented brivla will be collected, analyzed, and approved, and a formal dictionary will be produced defining the brivla in detail. Simpler definitions are generally clear enough for most usage. These definitions are specified in the case of gismu. Place structures of lujvo can generally be inferred from the way the word was derived, which is built into the lujvo itself. le'avla are generally concrete terms, and are only as ambiguous as the concept is in the source language. The conventions and rules for determining place structures and content of the places will suffice for most Lojban communications, and listeners have methods of querying the nature of an unknown place when there is uncertainty. The result of predictability minimizes the need for a formal dictionary in using Lojban.