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English edit

Noun edit


  1. plural of lek

Anagrams edit

Albanian edit

Etymology 1 edit

Uncertain. Possibly akin to lak (trap; bend; curve) and flak (to swing, throw).[1]

Noun edit

lékë f (definite léka)

  1. top of the head. sinciput
    Near-synonym: but
  2. royalty historically used as title of a lord (Can we verify(+) this sense?)

References edit

  1. ^ Orel, Vladimir E. (1998), “lekë”, in Albanian Etymological Dictionary, Leiden; Boston; Köln: Brill, →ISBN, page 217

Etymology 2 edit

Uncertain. Possibly from Proto-Indo-European *lewk- (light), a reflection or calque of Ancient Greek Ἀλβανοί (Albanoí, literally the white ones), a tribe southern Illyria.

Noun edit

lékë m pl (definite lékët)

  1. inhabitants of northern Albanian mountains. inhabitants of Mbishkodra
    Hypernym: malësor (hihglander, mountaineer)
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