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leprechaun +‎ -esque



leprechaunesque (comparative more leprechaunesque, superlative most leprechaunesque)

  1. Of, like, or proclivous to befit a leprechaun; small; mischievous; lucky.
    • 2006, C. D. Payne, Young and Revolting: The Continental Journals of Nick Twisp, USA: Infinity Publishing, page 103:
      He was dressed in a green velvet suit— a fashion statement, I thought, that veered very close to the leprechaunesque. He tasted my sauce and made a few adjustments to the seasonings to great effect.
    • 2011, A. K. Wrox, Arrabella Candellarbra: The Questy Thing to End All Questy Things, Kylie Fox & Amanda Wrangles[1], Victoria, Australia: Clan Destine Press:
      Jim bounded in leprechaunesque leaps between the two men, and with a clap of his hands and a nod of his head he scooped up some of the liquid viewfinder from the cave floor and cast it at the face of the strange man who claimed to be their Wizard.
    • 2013, Laura E. Wood, The Structure of Thinking: A Process-Oriented Account of Mind, UK: Imprint Academic Publications, page 129:
      If Euclidean space were presumed on this judgement, as Russel's claim that the space is objective and real implies, the distant golfer would be judged leprechaunesque . But judgment presumes relative size constancy for postulated objects, and attributes radical size differences to distance, directly, without inference.
    Synonyms: leprechaunic, leprechaunish, leprechauny