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love affair (plural love affairs)

  1. An affair; a usually adulterous relationship between people who are not married to each other.
    He was involved in a love affair with a married woman.
  2. A feeling of enthusiasm or strong liking for something; a fondness.
    I've always had a love affair with stamps.
    • 2011 February 12, Phil McNulty, “Man Utd 2 - 1 Man City”, in BBC[1]:
      And if his love affair with Old Trafford was strained by the saga of his demand to leave earlier this season, the bond was rekindled as United claimed a vital victory.
    • 2023 March 8, Howard Johnston, “Was Marples the real railway wrecker?”, in RAIL, number 978, page 53:
      Also in 1955 came the paralysing two-week ASLEF pay strike, which did even more to end the love affair between the railways and its regular customers.

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