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From Old Swedish manger, margher, marghin, from Old Norse mangr, margr, from Proto-Germanic *managaz.


mången c, månget n, många pl

  1. many a
    • 1848, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Fänrik Ståls sägner
      mig vinkar från förflutna år / så mången vänlig stjärna
      to me wave from years past / so many a kind star
  2. many, many people
    Många vill ha senap på korven.
    Many want mustard on their hot dog.

Usage notesEdit

  • This pronoun is also used as an adjective and noun.
  • Swedish dictionaries SAOB and SAOL don't connect this pronoun mången, månget, många (many) to the adjectives fler (more) and flest (most), even though most (non-linguist) native speakers of Swedish consider them as forms of the same adjective.

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