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managed care (uncountable)

  1. (US, medicine, healthcare) Medical services which are planned, directed, and controlled—especially by a health insurance company—in a manner designed to maximize the efficiency of the delivery and financing of health care.
    • 1984 Feb. 5, Richard A. Knox, "Full-scale Medicaid Overhaul Proposed," Boston Globe (retrieved 28 Nov 2013):
      Much of the projected savings would come from enlisting Medicaid recipients in "managed care" programs instead of the current open-ended system.
    • 1998 June 9, Frank Reeves, "Managed care users could get new protection," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (retrieved 28 Nov 2013):
      State lawmakers today are expected to approve landmark legislation designed to protect the 5 million Pennsylvanians enrolled in managed care health plans.
    • 2011 Jan. 9, Courtney Burke, "Room for Debate: Getting Rates Under Control," New York Times (retrieved 28 Nov 2013):
      A managed care system makes it possible to enroll more people and improve care, yet also keep costs under control.

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