From Middle English manhode, also manhede (> English manhead), equivalent to man +‎ -hood. Cognate with Middle Low German manheit (manhood), German Mannheit (manhood).



manhood (countable and uncountable, plural manhoods)

  1. The state of being man as a human being.
    He feared the speedy decline of all manhood.
  2. The state of being a man, as distinguished from a child or a woman.
    He was a strapping youth poised on the brink of manhood.
  3. The qualities ascribed to manliness, such as courage, bravery and resolve.
  4. (euphemistic) The male genitalia.
    She spied on him in the shower and glimpsed his manhood.
    • 1936, Rollo Ahmed, The Black Art, London: Long, page 50:
      In the course of a journey the Rabbis [...] came across a young man who had been robbed of his manhood and made a eunuch by a certain witch.
    • 2016, Rory Tingle, "Thai man has a sex ring removed with bolt cutters after it became stuck on his penis", Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers:
      A Thai man was taken to hospital to have a sex toy removed with bolt cutters after it got stuck on his penis. He was using the device at home but was left in agony when he could not detach it from his manhood.
  5. Men, considered as a group.



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