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man +‎ whore


manwhore (plural manwhores)

  1. (slang) A man who has sex with clients for money; a male prostitute.
    • 1999: Dec. 10, Michael O'Sullivan, “Not Just a 'Gigolo'”, Washington Post
      A schmo who finds love by prostituting himself is...rather sweet in a sophomoric, manwhore-with-a-heart-of-gold kind of way.
    • 2005: July 30, Dr. Duncan Black, “The Mob”, Eschaton, at [1]
      He lied about his past military service and had spend [sic.] recent years being a $200/hr manwhore.
    • 2006 Farrell Kaye, Helltown: The Adventures of the Midnight Man, page 217:
      He's a man-whore, Paige. He seduces women for money. He seduced you and countless married women without any care for the consequences.
  2. (slang) A promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationships.
    • 2005: July 6, Jennifer Balderas, “Daddy's Little Girl Demon” [sic.], Finding Her Life, at
      Apparently these guys are total horndogs and manwhores and yadda yadda.
    • 2005: September 18, “Dirty D.”, “Lost Romanticism and the Manwhore”, DiaryLand, at [2]
      Nora and I reminisced and compared how we were treated by the manwhore and by the nice guy.




manwhore (third-person singular simple present manwhores, present participle manwhoring, simple past and past participle manwhored)

  1. (rare) to prostitute oneself, as a man