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A medaka
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Borrowed from Japanese メダカ.


medaka (plural medakas)

  1. Oryzias latipes, a small Japanese ricefish, popular for use in aquariums.
    • 2009, January 16, “Colin A. M. Semple & Martin S. Taylor”, in MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: The Structure of Change, volume 323, number 5912:
      [] report oscillating patterns in the rate of genetic variation around the start sites of transcription in the medaka (Japanese killifish, Oryzias latipes ) genome.
    • 2009, Daniel Dietrich, Heiko O. Krieger, Histological Analysis of Endocrine Disruptive Effects in Small Laboratory Fish, page 47,
      Similar to the findings in medaka, fathead minnows treated with an intermediate concentration (10ng/L) of EE2 [18] in the ambient water at various timeranges throughout development did not result in sexreversal.[sic]
    • 2012, Ten-Tsao Wong, Paul Collodi, Chapter 12: Application of Fish Stem Cell Technology to Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology, Garth L. Fletcher, Matthew L. Rise (editors), Aquaculture Biotechnology, page 193,
      Much of the research directed toward developing this technology has been done using model fish species such as medaka (Wakamatsu et al. 1994; Hong et al. 1996) and zebrafish (Sun et al. 1995; Ma et al. 2001; Kurita and Sakai 2004).


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