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In Lojbanized spelling.

  • Chinese: mei (měi)
  • English: biutafl — beautiful
  • Spanish: belbello
  • Arabic: jamil



melbi (rafsi mel or mle)

  1. beautiful; x1 is beautiful/pleasant to x2 in aspect x3 (ka) by aesthetic standard x4.

Derived termsEdit

Various senses of 'cute', 'sexy', or beautiful with the modifying rafsi filling the x3 place:

  • cifmle : childishly-beautiful (cifnu zei melbi); cute : babies, puppies
  • citmle : youthfully-beautiful (citno zei melbi); cute/fair of face: a pretty/handsome person
  • cinmle : sexually-beautiful (cinse zei melbi); sexy in an perceptive rather than agentive sense
  • nolmle : nobly-beautiful (nobli zei melbi); elegant
  • racmle : delicately-beautiful (ralci zei melbi); vase, lacy lingerie, lace in general.

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