mettere a punto



Literally, “to put at point”. Compare French mettre au point.


méttere a punto (first-person singular present métto a punto, first-person singular past historic mìsi a punto, past participle mésso a punto, auxiliary avére) (transitive)

  1. to tune up (a device, motor, etc.)
  2. to add a finishing touch; to perfect
    Synonyms: approntare, dare l'ultimo tocco
    • 2012, John Green, Giorgia Grilli, transl., Colpa delle Stelle [The Fault in our Stars], Mondadori, page 88:
      La mamma aveva messo a punto questo gran piano in base al quale avremmo dovuto dormire durante le ultime ore di volo, così da essere pronti, una volta atterrati alle otto del mattino, a succhiare il midollo della vita e via dicendo.
      Mom had this big plan that we would sleep for the last several hours of the flight, so when we landed at eight A.M., we'd hit the city ready to suck the marrow out of life or whatever.
      (literally, “Mom had perfected this grand plan according to which we would have had to sleep during the last hours of the flight, so as to be ready, once we landed at eight in the morning, to suck the marrow of life and so on.”)
  3. to define the particulars or terms of; to specify
    Synonyms: precisare, mettere a fuoco