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mini- +‎ hamburger


minihamburger (plural minihamburgers)

  1. A small hamburger.
    • 2007, Fern Michaels, Free Fall (page 312)
      Don loved the minihamburgers even though they gave him horrible indigestion.
    • 2007, Clare Naylor, Mimi Hare, The First Assistant (page 255)
      [] I dropped a minihamburger that I was about to scoff into a potted fig tree so I didn't have to worry about ketchup lips.
    • 2010, Leslie Brokaw, Erin Trahan, Frommer's Montreal and Quebec City 2010 (page 234)
      A wide selection of appetizers invites grazing: salmon tartar with Rice Krispies and wasabi, perhaps, or minihamburgers.


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