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miniscule (comparative more miniscule, superlative most miniscule)

  1. Misspelling of minuscule.

Usage notesEdit

  • “The correct spelling is minuscule rather than miniscule. The latter is a common error, which has arisen by analogy with other words beginning with “mini”, where the meaning is similarly ‘very small’.” The New Oxford Dictionary of English, Oxford University Press, 1998
  • At the time of writing (22 May 2012), the number of hits in the printed works listed in Google Books for minuscule outnumbers those for miniscule by a large amount (by 1,990,000 to 422,000, a ratio of roughly 5:1). In contrast, the numbers of hits on Google (with language set to English) are 13,000,000 to 10,900,000, a ratio of about 6:5.