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Etymology 1Edit

From Latin mōly, from Ancient Greek μῶλυ (môlu) (probably a loanword).



moly (countable and uncountable, plural molies)

  1. A magic herb or plant used by Odysseus to overcome Circe.
    • 1621, Democritus Junior [pseudonym; Robert Burton], The Anatomy of Melancholy, Oxford: Printed by Iohn Lichfield and Iames Short, for Henry Cripps, OCLC 216894069; The Anatomy of Melancholy, 2nd corrected and augmented edition, Oxford: Printed by John Lichfield and James Short, for Henry Cripps, 1624, OCLC 54573970, (please specify |partition=1, 2, or 3):
      , II.4.1.iii:
      It excels Homers moly, cures this, falling sickness, and almost all other infirmities.
    • 1980, Walter Shrewing, trans. Homer, The Odyssey, Oxford 1998, p.120:
      So spoke the Radiant One; then gave me the magic herb, pulling it from the ground and showing me in what form it grew; its root was black, its flower milk-white. Its name among the gods is moly.
  2. Any plant associated with the mythological moly, especially the European allium, Allium moly.

Etymology 2Edit


moly (uncountable)

  1. (informal) molybdenum



Borrowed from a Slavic language. Compare Czech mol and Slovak moľ.[1]


  • IPA(key): [ˈmoj]
  • Hyphenation: moly


moly (plural molyok)

  1. moth


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative moly molyok
accusative molyt molyokat
dative molynak molyoknak
instrumental mollyal molyokkal
causal-final molyért molyokért
translative mollyá molyokká
terminative molyig molyokig
essive-formal molyként molyokként
inessive molyban molyokban
superessive molyon molyokon
adessive molynál molyoknál
illative molyba molyokba
sublative molyra molyokra
allative molyhoz molyokhoz
elative molyból molyokból
delative molyról molyokról
ablative molytól molyoktól
Possessive forms of moly
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. molyom molyaim
2nd person sing. molyod molyaid
3rd person sing. molya molyai
1st person plural molyunk molyaink
2nd person plural molyotok molyaitok
3rd person plural molyuk molyaik

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