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mondo-bizarro (comparative more mondo-bizarro, superlative most mondo-bizarro)

  1. Alternative form of mondo bizarro
    • 1989, Mike Littwin, "Orioles Are Getting Good Luck and Bounces", Los Angeles Times, 25 April 1989:
      When straight-shooting Cal Ripken suggests that life has grown a little mondo-bizarro around the old ballpark, it is time to take notice.
    • 2000, Liz Langley, "The height of folly", Orlando Weekly, 5 February 2000:
      The Bindlestiffs prove that even in the most mondo-bizarro town, it's worth it to seek out serious freakdom.
    • 2006, Martin Farkus, Blue Notes, AuthorHouse (2006), →ISBN, page 21:
      The tape, I was told, was the most mondo-bizarro music in human history.
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