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motherhood and apple pie


baseball bat, American flag, apple pie


motherhood and apple pie

  1. Alternative form of mom and apple pie
    • 1974, Howard Cosell, Like it is, page 131:
      Why are you so critical of baseball? ... something pure and noble like the American flag, motherhood and apple pie.
    • 2003, Deborah Lynn Guber, The grassroots of a green revolution: polling America on the environment, page 1:
      As one newspaper columnist wryly observed, "Motherhood and apple pie, baseball and the flag — all may be subjects of controversy. But the environment is almost beyond debate these days.
    • 2008 November 15, “G-20 Summit: Little Action, Many Promises”, in BusinessWeek:
      ... those are hardly ideas anyone would disagree with: "It's motherhood and apple pie, or whatever the European equivalent of motherhood and apple pie is."