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A motorcycle (Vincent Black Lightning)

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motor +‎ cycle, from the Motorcyclette produced in 1897 by the French Werner Frères et Cie.

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motorcycle (plural motorcycles)

  1. An open-seated motor vehicle with handlebars instead of a steering wheel, and having two (or sometimes three) wheels.
    • 2021, Rivers Solomon, Sorrowland, #Merky Books, page 43:
      Vern rubbed her hands along the motorcycles, admiring their size and power, their silver and black sleekness.

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  • bicycle, bike, e-bike (differentiated by societal convention even when having two or three wheels and a motor)

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motorcycle (third-person singular simple present motorcycles, present participle motorcycling, simple past and past participle motorcycled)

  1. (intransitive) To ride a motorcycle.

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