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From Ottoman Turkish, alternative form of Muafiyet, ultimately from Arabic مُعَاف (muʿāf), from the root ع ف و (ʿ-f-w).[1][2] For more see معافی, عفو, and عفا.


  • Hyphenation: mu‧ha‧fi‧yet
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muhafiyet (definite accusative muhafiyeti, plural muhafiyetler)

  1. franchise, a tax exemption, immunity


  1. ^ “عفو” in Edward William Lane (1863), Arabic-English Lexicon, London: Williams & Norgate, pages 2092-2095, meaning that which removes traces, to erase, to make eroded, to relinquish or waive; the freeing a person from debt, to forgive and remove the traces of such an obligation, to forgo a rightful claim, to pardon; someone who associates with another without seeking to obtain their bounty.
  2. ^ In Almaany,