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From late Old Swedish naghan, from earlier nokon, accusative of Old Swedish nokor, from Old Norse nǫkkurr, from Proto-Norse *ne-wait-ek-hwarjaʀ (literally, "not-know-I-who"). Cognate with Norwegian Nynorsk nokon, Danish nogen, Faroese nakar, Icelandic nokkur, Norwegian Bokmål noen.


  • IPA(key): /ˈnoːˌɡɔn/, /ˈnɔn/
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någon c (neuter något, plural några)

  1. any
    Vi har inte någon gul penna, bara en blå
    We don't have any yellow pencils, only a blue one.

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This usage example can be written in both the singular and the plural with no big impact on the interpretation, but in English, it may only be written in the plural.



  1. anybody, somebody, anyone, someone
    Kan någon hjälpa mig?
    Can someone help me?

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