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Etymology 1Edit

From nancy. As a verb, cf. prance, dance, and mince.


nance (plural nances)

  1. (slang) Alternative form of nancy: an effeminate male homosexual.
    • 1992, Leigh W. Rutledge, The gay decades: from Stonewall to the present
      "Fairies, nances, swishes, fags, lezzes — call 'em what you please — should of course be permitted to earn honest livings []


nance (third-person singular simple present nances, present participle nancing, simple past and past participle nanced)

  1. (uncommon, slang) To move in a prissy or stereotypically gay way.
    nancing around in tight pants

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Etymology 2Edit

From Spanish nance


nance (plural nances)

  1. A large shrub or small tree of subtropical and tropical areas of the Americas, Byrsonima crassifolia, bearing a small, sweet, yellow fruit.




nance m (plural nances)

  1. A fruit tree of the species Byrsonima crassifolia in the acerola family.
  2. The fruit of this tree.
  3. A kind of coffee grown in Costa Rica.