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nigger rich

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nigger rich (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic, offensive, ethnic slur, of a person) Living ostentatiously; spending money recklessly, especially a limited supply of money.
    • 2004, Red Jordan Arobateau, The Rich/The Poor in Spirit, ISBN 9781411619173, p. 177:
      The hos were young, nigger-rich and sassy. On a good night these girls age 16 to 23 could earn $80 minimum.
    • 2005, Robert B. Parker, Double Play, ISBN 9780425199633, p. 35:
      People who spent money foolishly on ostentation were nigger rich.
    • 2007, Johnny Wright, The Lost Chagall, ISBN 9781434327567, pp. 186-187
      "What is this ‘nigger rich’ you speak of?" Grandmother Nina asked, interrupting Walter's saga.
      . . . "Well, ‘Nigger rich’ is an expression in America, especially the southeast, which loosely translated means: When a man who has an abundance of money, who has never had that much money, he usually goes out and spends it foolishly. It was attributed to blacks in America, because often, when they acquire a windfall of money, they seem to go out and purchase big cars, usually a Cadillac."
    • 2009, Robert E. Pierre and Jon Jeter, A Day Late and a Dollar Short: High hopes and deferred dreams in Obama's "postracial" America, online edition:
      Bernie Mac: Yeah, but she think we're old country club rich—Shoot, we just nigger rich. — SCENE FROM THE THE BERNIE MAC SHOW


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