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nineteenth hole



From an extension of the golf course hole-numbering system, wherein a full-length course has eighteen holes.


nineteenth hole (plural nineteenth holes)

  1. (golf) A pub/bar where golfers go for drinks after a game of golf, usually in the clubhouse at the course.
    • 1972, The Diced Cap: The Story of Aberdeen City Police, page 79:
      The incident occurred at the "University Bar," Sinclair Road, the public house now styled the "Nineteenth Hole."
    • 2007, John H. Minan, The Little Green Book of Golf Law: The Real Rules of the Game of Golf →ISBN, page 145:
      Many golfers enjoy the tradition associated with the nineteenth hole. This tradition usually involves a trip to the clubhouse bar, or something serving its reasonable approximation, [... for] a few drinks. On occasion, some golfers get carried away at the nineteenth hole, sometimes in handcuffs.
    • 2009, Tom Coyne, A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk →ISBN, page 50:
      As it was told to me in the nineteenth hole, a cracking pub in the center of town, []
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