From nose +‎ -worthy.


noseworthy (comparative more noseworthy, superlative most noseworthy)

  1. Worthy to be smelled.
    • 1929, Printers' Ink - Volume 149:
      As soon as my mother-in-law smelled the first sideboard she said, “You must buy this one, Tozac. I am from Limburg, ... I am, unfortunately a man who likes my smells strong and noseworthy, and gentle smells mean nothing to me.
    • 1999, Robert Barkman, Science through multiple intelligences: patterns that inspire inquiry:
      Sometimes the smell of a bruised twig is a noseworthy feature. Spicebush, sassafras, and tulip tree twigs have an extremely spicy odor. Both black birch and yellow birch smell and taste like Wintergreen.
    • 2008, Women's Health Vol. 5, No. 3:
      Look for a noseworthy improvement after a week to 10 days of daily dips.