noun numeral



noun numeral (plural nouns numeral)

  1. (grammar) A noun that represents a number
    • 1728, John Entick, Speculum Latinum: or, Latin made easy to Scholars by an English Grammar only, London, page 9:
      M. How many fold is a Noun Numeral?   S. Two fold, Cardinal, and Ordinal.
    • 1795, A. Boyer, The Complete French Master, for Ladies and Gentlemen. A New Edition, Brussels, page 58:
      Nouns numeral, which serve to distinguish the numbers; and are either cardinal, or ordinal.   The cardinal number is the fountain of the other, and expresses or joins units together; as, un, deux, trois, quatre, &c. one, two, three, four, &c.   The ordinal number is derived from the cardinal, and shews the order and rank of every thing; as, premier, first; deuximie, or second, second; troisieme, third, &c.