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olla (to be) sukua (of family)


olla sukua

  1. to be kin to, be relative of (to belong to same family)
    Työtoverini on sukua vaimolleni.
    My colleague is kin to my wife.
  2. (linguistics) to be cognate to or with
    Englannin "mother" on sukua kreikan sanalle "μητέρα" (mētéra).
    English "mother" is cognate to Greek "μητέρα" (mētéra).

Usage notesEdit

  • The person to whom the subject is related is indicated by allative case.
  • Synonymous to the expression olla jonkun sukulainen ("to be somebody's relative").
    Työtoverini on vaimoni sukulainen.
    My colleague is kin to my wife.
    My colleague is a relative of my wife.


For conjugation of the verb olla, see conjugation section of olla; sukua is not inflected.