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Alternative formsEdit


one +‎ time


onetime (not comparable)

  1. (principally US) Former.
    • 1891, Howard Pyle, Men of Iron [1]
      "Nay," said he, stoutly, "I be no Lord and I be no Prince, but I be as good as thou. For am I not the son of thy onetime very true comrade and thy kinsman...?
    • 2004, The 9-11 Commission, 9/11 Commission Report [2]
      A onetime special...forces officer, he had worked with Albright when she was ambassador to the United Nations and had served on the NSC staff with Clarke.
  2. (principally US) Occurring or used in a single instance and then never again.
    • 1896, Freeman Otis Willey, The Laborer and the Capitalist [3]
      So far as manufacturers, traders, and lawyers use the savings banks, they are very generally of the poorer classes; and these probably own a great majority of the larger onetime deposits.
    • 2004, The 9-11 Commission, 9/11 Commission Report [4]
      The additional funds included the FBI’s support of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (a onetime increase) []
    • 2005, ICCSA 2005, Computational Science And Its Applications [5]
      One of the key characteristics of the proposed onetime password protocol is that attacker cannot use password because it changes every time.