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Apparently from orphan +‎ -arium. First attested in the American animated sitcom Futurama.


orphanarium (plural orphanariums)

  1. (rare, chiefly humorous) An orphanage.
    • 2001, Mark Morrison, "Re: DEAR LURKERS, PLEASE READ!", in, Usenet:
      And what of us who haven't got children of their own to beat ? ¶ Do we go without ? Or can you rent them from somewhere ? ¶ Hhmmmmmmm, time for a visit to the local orphanarium.
    • 2002 November 1, "Rap" (username), "Re: *Spoiler* - episode 11", in, Usenet:
      I assume its better for Lizzie to birth a kid that she barely pays attention to, or for chen to birth one out that she drops off at teh orphanarium or for carol wo have twins despite her suicidal past and her inability to support them.....
    • 2006, Stephen Graham Jones, Demon Theory,[1] MacAdam/Cage, →ISBN, page 256:
      Not the “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” Tiny Tim (b. Herbert Khaury, who would later adopt the middle name “Buckingham”) or the Tinny Tim from the orphanarium of Futurama (1999–2003).
    • 2007, James Schrumpf, "Re: Follow-up Harry Potter chat-question", in and, Usenet:
      He pulled Riddle into Hogwarts from the orphanarium where he was abusing the other kids and stealing their stuff.
    • 2010, Matthew Collins and Geoffrey Collins, The Ultimate Zombie Hunter's Handbook, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 61:
      Instead of walking to the carnage like your average Mr. Rogers smoking a hash pipe, I dedicated a little something special to all the children back in the orphanarium.