overdoser (plural overdosers)

  1. One who overdoses.
    • 1850, Worthington Hooker, Edward Bentley, Physician and Patient
      He has a satisfaction in such achievements, of which the undiscriminating overdoser knows nothing.
    • 1990, Eleanor Noss Whitney, Eva May Nunnelley Hamilton, Sharon Rady Rolfes, Understanding Nutrition
      Being yellow in color, beta-carotene may accumulate under the skin to such an extent that the overdoser actually turns yellow.
    • 1992, Melvin R Lansky, Fathers who Fail
      ...an overdoser, binge drinker, slasher, or sexually impulsive person, is found to act impulsively following some sort of change in a relationship.

Norwegian BokmålEdit


overdoser m

  1. indefinite plural of overdose