package management system

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package management system (plural package management systems)

  1. (computing) A package manager: the tool used by an operating system to manage software installation.
    Synonym: PMS
    • 1999, Bernice Sacks Lipkin, Latex for Linux:
      In Red Hat, use the glint package management system and the Applications subdirectory to locate the font files.
    • 2000, Roderick W Smith, The Multi-Boot Configuration Handbook:
      It is, however, weak on configuration amenities for newcomers, and it uses no package management system comparable to RPM or Debian's package manager, so it is more difficult to maintain.
    • 2006, Bill Von Hagen, Brian K Jones, Linux Server Hacks: Tips & Tools for Connecting, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting:
      If your system uses a package management system, you can query that system's database to see if the attr package and its associated library, libattr, are installed.