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From Middle English pakker, pakkere, packare, equivalent to pack +‎ -er.



packer (plural packers)

  1. A person whose business is to pack things; especially, one who packs food for preservation
    He works as a pork packer.
    a household goods packer
    When his back problems kept him from lifting furniture, his skill as a packer kept him employed.
  2. (computing) A software program that compresses code or data.
    • 2009, Harlan Carvey, Windows Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit:
      Many times, the malware authors will use packers and even encryption tools to disguise their software []
  3. (US) A ring of packing or a special device to render gastight and watertight the space between the tubing and bore of an oil well.
  4. (LGBT) An artificial penis or similar object worn by a drag king, trans man, etc., inside the trousers.
  5. (New Zealand) An object inserted to hold a space open for the purpose of alignment; a spacer or shim.
  6. (dated) A kind of trunk for luggage.

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  1. Alternative form of pakker