pant +‎ -less.



pantless (not comparable)

  1. (US) Not wearing pants (trousers).
    • 2009 February 12, Michael Kimmelman, “Art in Two Germanys Often Spoke the Same Tongue”, in New York Times[1]:
      At the same time Ms. Metselaar-Berthold, East Germany's version of Nan Goldin, captured scenes of disorderly bohemia (where supposedly none existed) in parties of topless women and pantless men.
  2. (Britain) Not wearing underpants.
    • 1961, Peter Redgrove, "The Secretary", The Nature of Cold Weather:
      He twinkles, and I twinkle back, / Pantless, under a slim formal skirt, / Ready for work.
    • 2008, Anna Pickard, The Guardian, 10 Jan 08:
      having a smattering of basic German or getting one of the nice English-speaking reception staff to show you around to begin with might just save you from turning up pantless in a strictly panted area, or the other way around.

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