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para- +‎ medic

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  • IPA(key): /ˌpæɹəˈmɛdɪk/

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paramedic (plural paramedics)

  1. An individual trained to medically stabilize people through various interventions, victims of trauma or medical events outside of a hospital setting and preparing them for transport to a medical facility.
  2. (US) An individual who is licensed at the state or national level to practice medical interventions in an emergency prehospital setting.

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  • medic (functionally synonymous in some contexts but not necessarily idiomatically interchangeable)

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Borrowed from English paramedic. By surface analysis, para- +‎ medic.

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paramedic m or n (feminine singular paramedică, masculine plural paramedici, feminine and neuter plural paramedice)

  1. paramedical

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paramedic m (plural paramedici)

  1. paramedic

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