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Attested since 1884. Probably related to English pepperette.

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peperete m (plural peperetes)

  1. delicacy
    • 1884, O tío Marcos da Portela, 58 [periodical]:
      ninguén come pavo: saben por esperencia que pra eles voan polas nubes e que non chegan a collé-los, e no caso de pensar neles, pensan nos da caste que comen as señoritas nos bailes. Teñen deprendido que eses pavos que se comen dempois de enché-los de pipiretes; nin chegan a medias merendas prós que trunfan e mandan.
      nobody eats turkey: they know from experience that, for them, turkeys fly among the clouds and can't be caught; and in case of thinking of them, they though about those that the ladies eat at the balls. They have learnt that those turkeys that are eaten after being stuffed with delicacies are barely half a snack for the ones who succeed and rule.
    Synonyms: lambetada, lambonada
  2. (figurative, dated) a pretty girl

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  1. second-person plural future of pepare