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See placit.

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placitum (plural placita)

  1. (historical) A public court or assembly in the Middle Ages, over which the sovereign presided when a consultation was held upon affairs of state.
  2. (UK, law, obsolete) A court, or cause in court.
  3. (law) A plea; a pleading; a judicial proceeding; a suit.
    "By deleting in placitum the amount of 7c and inserting in lieu thereof the amount of 9c."
  4. (law, US, Australia) a legal decision made by a judge or court.

Latin Edit

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Neuter gender of placitus.

Noun Edit

placitum n (genitive placitī); second declension

  1. opinion, teaching, theory
  2. decree, sentence, suit, litigation
  3. plea

Declension Edit

Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative placitum placita
Genitive placitī placitōrum
Dative placitō placitīs
Accusative placitum placita
Ablative placitō placitīs
Vocative placitum placita

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  1. nominative neuter singular of placitus

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