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point-to-point (plural point-to-points)

  1. A kind of horse race for hunting horses and amateur riders.


point-to-point (not comparable)

  1. (transport) Travelling directly from source to destination, without passing through a hub.
    • 1961 April, Cecil J. Allen, “Locomotive Running Past and Present”, in Trains Illustrated, page 210:
      In the interests of evening out the demand on locomotive power throughout the run, some adjustment of point-to-point timings might be worth while, especially an easing of the timing from Darlington to York.
  2. (telecommunications) Employing a simple network topology with a dedicated link between two endpoints.
  3. (electronics) Being or relating to a method of manually constructing electronic circuits, prior to automation and PCBs, where components were individually mounted on the chassis prior to soldering.

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