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pollex (plural pollices)

  1. The thumb; the first, or preaxial, digit of the forelimb, corresponding to the hallux in the hind limb. In birds, the pollex is the joint which bears the alula or bastard wing.

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Perhaps cognate with Proto-Slavic *palьcь, but contaminated with Latin polleō (hence pollex not *pōlex).



pollex m (genitive pollicis); third declension

  1. thumb
  2. a unit of distance, equivalent to approximately 24.6 mm; one uncia (see also: Ancient Roman units of measurement)


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative pollex pollicēs
genitive pollicis pollicum
dative pollicī pollicibus
accusative pollicem pollicēs
ablative pollice pollicibus
vocative pollex pollicēs

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