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post- +‎ shot


postshot (not comparable)

  1. Occurring shortly after a shot.
    1. (sports) After a shot is taken (as in golf, snooker, etc.).
      • 2009 June 29, Bill Pennington, “The Key Is to Relax, Visualize and Refrain From Felony Assault”, in New York Times[1]:
        “Most golfers have a preshot routine but need a postshot routine, too.
    2. After drinking a shot of alcohol.
      • 2011, Tucker Max, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, →ISBN:
        After a postshot round of beers, the mechanical bull started up.
    3. After an explosion (such as a nuclear test, fracking, etc.)
      • 1964, Geological Society of America, Abstracts for 1963: Abstracts of papers submitted for six meetings with which the Society was associated, →ISBN, page 94:
        All the rock types showed a general postshot decrease in compressive strength.
      • 1995, Bill Linville, Enhancement of Recovery of Oil and Gas, page 1975:
        Postshot production tests show no improvement in the West Virginia wells, and an increase in production rate in the Devonian shale well, although the postshot rate is only approximately 50 Mcf/day.
      • 2013, Charles S. Shapiro, Atmospheric Nuclear Tests, →ISBN, page 74:
        With this information, we generated spread sheets with the following information for as many of the events as possible: general device description; preshot inventory of Pu, U, other actinides, and tritium; postshot measurements of all relevant nuclides; fission yield, fission split, fusion yield; NTS hole number, depth of burial, cavity radius, SWL.
    4. After shooting a device, such as a laser, camera, etc.
      • 1984, Harold Earl Bennett, Laser induced damage in optical materials, 1982, page 158:
        The experimental arrangement allows preshot and postshot microscopy of the entrance surface, and minor damage can be detected on even a structured surface.
      • 2013, Darrell Young, Mastering the Nikon, →ISBN, page 600:
        Image review – Turns the camera's postshot automatic image review on or off.
    5. After a photo shoot or filming session.
      • 2013, Mary Jo Putney, Stirring the Embers (The Starting Over Series, Book 1), →ISBN:
        Kate enjoyed the postshot celebration, but after an hour of chatting and grazing the sandwich buffet, fatigue hit hard.
    6. After a state or configuration has been captured.
      • 2000, Gerard Tel, Introduction to Distributed Algorithms, →ISBN, page 342:
        It remains to show that the resulting snapshot is feasible, i.e., that each postshot (basic) message is received in a postshot event.
    7. After an injection.