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prison chaser



prison chaser (plural prison chasers)

  1. (military) A prison guard; particularly one who guards military prisoners on fatigue duty
    • 1943, John Riley Craf, Army Selectee's Handbook for Those Men who Will be Called for Duty Under the Selective Training ..., page 50:
      A "prison chaser" is a soldier assigned to the task of guarding military prisoners who have been assigned and are performing fatigue detail.
    • 2003, Frank Murphy, Wia, Corpsman Up, p. 154:
      When that training was complete, I was given temporary assignment as a prison chaser (guard in a Brig).
    • 2004, Joseph Quitman Johnson, Baby of Bataan: Memoir of a 14 Year Old Soldier in World War II, page 107:
      My first experience as a prison chaser wasn't all that pleasant. One burly, bald headed prisoner had given me a hard time.
    • 2006, Issue Brief - A Public Policy Paper of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies March 2006 [1]:
      According to Ronal Branson's website, he joined the U.S. military in 1963 and was assigned to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where he became a "prison chaser", an individual who oversaw prison work detail.