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process hot water (uncountable)

  1. Hot water for use in industrial processes.
    • 1982: United States Congress Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Supply, Department of Energy Fiscal Year 1983 Authorization (conservation Programs): Hearing Before the... - It has also been found very useful in certain industries that require large amounts of process hot water, hence the interest of Mohawk Paper Mills.
    • 1999: F William Payne, User's Guide to Natural Gas Technologies - The jacket water and lube oil can be used directly with liquid-to-liquid heat exchangers for process hot water [heating].
    • 2003: Neil Petchers, Combined Heating, Cooling & Power Handbook: Technologies & Applications: An Integrated Approach to Energy Resource Optimisation - The reduction in process hot water load will have a greater impact on the reciprocating engine configuration.

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