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quot +‎ -iēns

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Adverb edit

quotiēns (not comparable)

  1. how often?, how many times
  2. as often, as often as, as many times as, whenever
    • 29 BCE – 19 BCE, Virgil, Aeneid 4.351–353:
      “Mē patris Anchīsae, quotiēns ūmentibus umbrīs
      nox operit terrās, quotiēns astra ignea surgunt,
      admonet in somnīs et turbida terret imāgō.”
      “[I think] of my father Anchises, whenever dank shades of night shroud the lands, as often as fiery stars arise, he admonishes me in my dreams, and his troubled phantom frightens me.”

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Descendants edit

  • English: quotient
  • Portuguese: quociente

References edit

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