Norwegian Bokmål edit

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Noun edit

råda n

  1. definite plural of råd

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Noun edit

råda n

  1. definite plural of råd

Etymology 2 edit

Noun edit

råda f

  1. definite singular of råd

Etymology 3 edit

Verb edit

råda (present tense råder, past tense rådde, past participle rådd or rådt, present participle rådande, imperative råd)

  1. Alternative form of

Swedish edit

Etymology edit

From Old Swedish rāþa, from Old Norse ráða, from Proto-Germanic *rēdaną.

Pronunciation edit

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Verb edit

råda (present råder, preterite rådde, supine rått, imperative råd)

  1. to advise (to give advice to; to offer an opinion; to counsel; to warn)
    Konungen råddes att förhålla sig neutral.
    The king was advised to remain neutral.
  2. Synonym of bestämma (in the "(get to) decide" sense), (often) to rule, to reign
    Drottning Victoria rådde över ett enormt imperium.
    Queen Victoria ruled over an enormous empire.
  3. to be (at hand, current), to occur, to exist, to prevail, to reign
    midnatt råder
    it is midnight
    (literally, “midnight reigns”)
    under rådande omständigheter
    during current circumstances
    Det råder brist på lärare
    There is a shortage of ("reigns (is currently) shortage of") teachers
    Det råder inga tvivel om att han är skyldig
    There is no doubt that he is guilty ("inte råda några tvivel" is a common collocation)
    Det rådde hungersnöd i flera månader
    There was a famine for several months

Usage notes edit

Not intuitively a "reign" metaphor in (sense 3) to native speakers, though that metaphor might provide intuition. Can usually be thought of simply as "be," in the sense of "to currently be in effect."

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