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raised in a barn

  1. Uncivilized, unmannered.
    • 2005, Tammy Robinson Smith, Emmybeth Speaks, page 9:
      Momma's all the time telling us to act like we weren't raised in a barn. Ole Miz Hawkins must've been raised in her daddy's milk barn, instead of in the house with the china cups like she claims.
    • 2006, Philip J. Carraher, The Necklace of Stones, page 140:
      Raised in a barn, some people. Raised in a muck-filled, stinking barn.” Mag and Morgan stared at the grumbler's departing back until he was gone.
    • 2008, Laurell K. Hamilton, The Lunatic Café, page 275:
      "No, thanks, we'll keep them with us." "Peggy always got on to me if I didn't ask for people's coats. 'George, you weren't raised in a barn, ask them if you can take their coats.'" The imitation sounded accurate