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Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ɹiːfaɪnd/
  • (file)

Verb edit


  1. simple past and past participle of refine
    The raw petroleum was refined into kerosene.

Adjective edit

refined (comparative more refined, superlative most refined)

  1. Precise, freed from imprecision, particularly:
    1. (of people, obsolete) Sagacious, sometimes (derogatory) oversubtle or feigning sagacity.
    2. (of thought) Subtle, scrupulous, carefully thought out.
      The argument, while not persuasive, is quite refined.
    3. (of processes) Developed, improved.
      The curriculum has been carefully refined to meet the needs of foreign students.
  2. Cultured, freed from vulgarity, particularly:
    1. (of language) Elevated and polished.
      In the British Isles, Oxbridge is considered refined; Geordie somewhat less so.
    2. (of people) Elegant, sometimes (derogatory) affected, prissy, or bloodless.
      Don Draper was a man of refined tastes.
  3. Purified, reduced in or freed from impurities, particularly:
    1. (of products) Highly-processed and pure.
      Under current guidelines, refined sugar must be at least five times purer than its raw counterpart.
    2. (of metal) Free of dross or alloy.
      The Temple at Jerusalem preferred Tyrian shekels, since even with Ba'al's portrait they bore highly refined silver.
    3. (of people, obsolete) Morally pure.
  4. (of a market) Dealing in a refined product such as sugar or petroleum.

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Noun edit

refined (plural refineds)

  1. (finance) The refined form of a commodity, as opposed to its raw or generic form.
    We're still purchasing copper ore, but the market for refined is weaker.

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