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re- +‎ skin


reskin (plural reskins)

  1. Something that uses the exact same model as something else, but has superficial differences such as textures.
    • 2012, Wendy Despain, 100 Principles of Game Design
      The result would be a reskin of an old game instead of an interesting new game.


reskin (third-person singular simple present reskins, present participle reskinning, simple past and past participle reskinned)

  1. To replace the skin of a motor vehicle, especially so as to market the same car under different brands
  2. (computing) To change the skin, or visual appearance, of an application.
    • 2007, Quentin Zervaas, Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP (page 291)
      The editor can be reskinned. In other words, the color scheme and look and feel of the buttons can be changed.