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ripshit (comparative more ripshit, superlative most ripshit)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Enraged or otherwise highly emotional.
    • 1976, Powning, Beth, “Benny”, in The Tamarack Review[1], volume Summer 1976, Toronto, Canada, retrieved 2017-05-19, pages 58-75:
      I couldn't understand it, but it was like Benny alternated between humbling himself and pleading, and then getting really ripshit furious and yelling with the red under his eyes glaring.

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  • 1984: The only thing we have to worry about is that Connie will get so ripshit he'll queer the deal. [2]
  • 2003: It would only really work perfectly if you all were sincerely distraught and ripshit. [3]
  • 2004: I remember people at the CIA who were ripshit at the time. [4]