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run up (third-person singular simple present runs up, present participle running up, simple past ran up, past participle run up)

  1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see run,‎ up.
    The small boy ran up the hill.
  2. To run (towards someone or something); to hasten to a destination.
    As I was walking along the road, a man suddenly ran up to me.
    The dog ran up under the table to get his food.
  3. (with to) To approach (an event or point in time).
    We are putting on lots of special attractions as we run up to Christmas.
  4. To erect hastily, as a building.
  5. (idiomatic) To make something, usually an item of clothing, very quickly.
    I'll run you up a skirt for tomorrow evening.
  6. (idiomatic) To bring a flag to the top of its flag pole.
    Stand quietly while the honor guard runs the flag up.
  7. (cricket) Of a bowler, to run, or walk up to the bowling crease in order to bowl a ball.
    He runs up ... and bowls. Smashed away for four runs!
  8. To rise; to swell; to grow; to increase.
    Accounts of goods credited run up very fast.
    • Sir Walter Scott
      But these, having been untrimmed for many years, had run up into great bushes, or rather dwarf trees.
  9. (idiomatic) To accumulate (a debt).
    He ran up over $5,000 in unpaid bills.
  10. (figuratively) To thrust up, as anything long and slender.
    The fence runs up along the edge of the pasture.



run up (plural run ups)

  1. (cricket) the action of running up; the area of the pitch used by the bowler to run up, the start of which he marks with a small marker

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