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Etymology 1Edit

saddle +‎ back


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saddleback (plural saddlebacks)

  1. A saddle-shaped ridge forming a shallow pass between two peaks.
  2. A roof in the same shape, having a gable at each end.
  3. (architecture) A coping that is thicker in the middle than at the edges.
  4. Any of various creatures having a saddle-shaped marking on the back.
  5. A breed of pig which is black with a pink saddle-shaped marking.
  6. (geology) An anticlinal.
  7. (Britain) The great black-backed gull.
  8. (New Zealand) The bird Philesturnus carunculatis.
  9. A variety of domestic goose.
  10. A raccoon oyster.
  11. The harp seal.
  12. The larva of the bombycid moth.


Derived termsEdit


saddleback (not comparable)

  1. saddle-backed


saddleback (not comparable)

  1. saddle-backed

Etymology 2Edit

From Saddleback Church of Lake Forest, California. Coined in a contest held by columnist Dan Savage, in response to its support for California Proposition 8.


saddleback (third-person singular simple present saddlebacks, present participle saddlebacking, simple past and past participle saddlebacked)

  1. (slang) To engage in anal sex with the intention of preserving one's virginity (chiefly by Christian teenagers)