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saltgrass (Distichlis spicata)

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salt +‎ grass


saltgrass (countable and uncountable, plural saltgrasses)

  1. Distichlis spicata, an American grass that can tolerate alkali and salty conditions.
    • 2009 September 13, Michael Brick, “Stalking a Majestic Beast With an Eye on the Record Book”, in New York Times[1]:
      Palmer parted the towering saltgrass and pickleweed downwind of the elk.
  2. Similar salt-tolerant species in the genus Distichlis.
    • 2012, S.L. Pearlsteina, R.S. Felgera, E.P. Glenna, J. Harringtond, K.A. Al-Ghaneme, S.G. Nelson, “Nipa (Distichlis palmeri): A perennial grain crop for saltwater irrigation”, in Journal of Arid Environments, DOI:10.1016/j.jaridenv.2012.02.009, page 60:
      The perennial saltgrass nipa (Distichlis palmeri, Poaceae) is endemic to northern Gulf of California tidal marshes flooded with hypersaline seawater.


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